2021 Results

Saturday 10 April
Wellington Mountain Running Champs

We had some great results at the Wellington Mountain Running Champs, with Hugh Taylor 3rd SM (2nd Wgtn Champs), Philip Secker 3rd MM50, Josh Campbell 2nd MM35-49, Katie Jordan 2nd GU14, Savannah Allen 6th GU14, Caleb Rice 1st BU14 and Jacob Rice 1st BU12.
Great running everyone.
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Sunday 28 March
Porirua Grand Traverse

Club Captain Stephen Mair did the individual duathlon, finishing 8th overall and 5th 40-99yrs age group in 3:56:07.
Great work Stephen!

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Sunday 28 March
Xterra West Wind

Phil and Shar did the long course distance at the first event in the 2021 Xterra series.
Phil Broughton - 2:16:20, 44th overall
Shar McDonald - 2:16:25, 46th overall

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Saturday 20 March
Round the Vines Half & 10km

We had a small group of runners and walkers over at the Round the Vines this year. Some of them collected some pretty good prizes!
Josh Campbell - 1st 10km Run, 34:59
Daniel du Toit - 1st 10km Walk
Joe Antcliff - 2nd 10km Walk
Geoff Iremonger - 3rd 10km Walk
Hugh Taylor - 2nd 21km Run, 1:22:28
David Hood, 21km Run, 1:34:25
Bethany Walker - 21km Run, 2:03:53
Jon Roskvist - 2nd 21km Walk

Tuesday 9 March
Trentham 5km & 2.5km Series Event #3 or #5
Trentham Memorial Park

After having to cancel our planned Events #3 and #4 due to changes in the Alert Levels, we organized an extra race once it was announced that we would be back to Level 1. Thanks to everyone who came along tonight :)
We also had 3 new Course Records, with Daniel du Toit clocking 21:54 in the 5km Walk, Thomas Strawbridge 7:34 in the 2.5km Run to shave 28 seconds off the previous course record, and Madison Wos recording 9:09 in the 2.5km Run to take 21 seconds off the previous course record.

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27 February
New Zealand Masters Awards

Jackie Wilson was awarded the Athlete of the Year award.

26-28 February
New Zealand Masters T&F Championships
TET Stadium, Ingelwood

Jackie Wilson and Clive McGovern participated in the 3000m and 5000m Race Walks.
In the 3000m Race Walk, Clive placed 1st overall and 1st Male in 17:47.57; and Jackie placed 2nd overall female in 19:18.90, breaking the World W75 record for the event.
In the 5000m Race Walk, Clive also placed 1st overall and 1st Male in 30:00.65; and Jackie placed 2nd overall female in 31:58:65, again breaking the World W75 record. Well done to you both!

Athletics NZ Weekly Round Up 1 March

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Sunday 21 February
Wellington Round the Bays Half Marathon, 10km & 6.5km

Great running and walking by all our members at this year's Round the Bays.
Josh Jordan - 21:59, 4th overall, 4th Male, 1st MU15
Callum Wos - 23:54, 11th overall, 11th Male, 3rd MU15
Madison Wos - 2:48, 15th overall, 1st Female, 1st FU15
Katie Jordan - 27:09, 29th overall, 3rd Female, 2nd MU15
Jacob Rice - 28:32, 45th overall, 39th Male, 10th MU15
Caleb Rice - 30:07, 70th overall, 60th Male, 15th MU15
Alex Lister - 32:05, 111th overall, 91st Male, 23rd MU15
Travis Welsh - 33:00, 142nd overall, 114th Male, 25th MU15
Lola Watson - 38:14, 440th overall, 142nd Female, 32nd U15
Chris Watson - 38:15, 441st overall, 299th Male, 41st M40-49
Xanthe Watson - 40:02, 560th overall, 197th Female, 42nd U15
Scarlett Lister - 1:13:51, 2836th overall, 1663rd Female, 292nd FU15
Tania Lister - 1:13:51, 2837th overall, 1664th Female, 338th F40-49
Steph Robinson - 1:15:26, 2987th overall, 1770th Female, 367th F30-39
Bill Barclay - 1:16:57, 3136th overall, 1270th Male, 75th M60-69

Thomas Strawbridge - 32:13, 2nd overall, 2nd Male, 1st M16-19
Hassan McCall - 37:23, 16th overall, 15th Male, 2nd MU15

Half Marathon:
Philip Secker - 1:32:48, 130th overall, 122nd Male, 7th M50-59
Shar McDonald - 1:41:58, 314th overall, 35th Female, 15th F30-39
Gary Spierling - 1:45:29, 422nd overall, 369th Male, 63rd M40-49
Eleanor Bassett - 1:46:58, 471st overall, 62nd Female, 2nd F16-19
Ron Soper - 2:28:05, 1349th overall, 911th Male, 21st M60-69
Anne Dry - 4:18:49, 1632th overall, 633rd Female, 23rd F60-69

Let me know if I missed anyone!

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Saturday 13 February
Buller Gorge Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km

Half Marathon Run:
David Hood - 1:37:49, 66th overall, 4th M60-69
Brett 'Home' Wilby - 2:06:15, 291st overall, 20th M60-69

Half Marathon Walk:
Jon Roskvist - 2:23:15, 1st overall, 1st M50-59

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Saturday 6 February
Masterton Summer Series #2

A few of our race walkers participated in the 5000m Race Walk.
Clive McGovern - 1st 29:46.28 (NZMA & Wellington Masters M70 Record)
Jackie Wilson - 5th 32:52.20 (NZMA & Wellington Masters W75 Record)
Brent McLean - 8th 38:01.13
Sonja McLean - 9th 41:14.54

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Tuesday 2 February
Trentham 5km & 2.5km Series Event #2

We had an awesome turnout of 94 participants for our 2nd event of the 2021 Series.
We had 2 new Course Records set in the hot temperature, both in the 2.5km Walk, with Sarah du Toit recording 16:22 and Ian Morton recording 16:41.
Thank you to everyone who came along tonight and we hope to see you again in two weeks at Event 3 on 16th February!

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Saturday 30 January
Jumbo Holdsworth Trail Race
Mt Holdsworth, Wairarapa

Hooper Loop (12km):
Craig Wallace - 23rd Overall Men, 11th Vet Men, 1:25:51

Main Race (24km):
Josh Campbell (Holdsworth-Jumbo) - 12th Overall Men, 4th Vet Men (1st in the HJ direction), 2:47:16
Hugh Taylor (Jumbo-Holdsworth) - 16th Overall Men, 10th Open Men, 2:54:48
Patrick McCann (Holdsworth-Jumbo) - 114th Overall Men, 58th Open Men, 4:33:14

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Saturday 30 January
Tussock Traverse 50km / Tussock of Fire
Tongariro National Park

Well done to Mark Boyd, who finished 9th overall, 9th male and 3rd M40-49 in the 50km in 7:23:47.

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Tuesday 19 January
Trentham 5km & 2.5km Series Event #1
Trentham Memorial Park

The rainy, windy conditions did not deter 61 participants from going around in our first event. Congradulations to Madison Wos, who managed to record a new ladies 5km run course record of 19:52 despite the weather.
Thank you to everyone for coming along tonight, see you in two weeks at Event 2 on the 2nd February!

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