2018 Results

Sunday 18 February
Round the Bays

Half Marathon:
Philip Secker - 1:37:19 (130th Overall, 117th Male, 3rd M50-59)
Paul Rogers - 1:47:18 (329th Overall, 272nd Male, 57th M40-49)
Dan Holmes - 1:56:14 (584th Overall, 450th Male, 164th M30-39)
Belinda Walker - 2:13:32 (1040th Overall, 334th Female, 17th F50-59)
Lisa Kynaston - 2:13:51 (1047th Overall, 337th Female, 68th F40-49)

Thomas Strawbridge - 35:51 (7th Overall, 7th Male, 2nd M16-19)
Anne Dry - 2:06:09 (2908th Overall, 1673th Female, 173rd F50-59)

Josh Jordan - 24:42 (18th Overall, 17th Male, 3rd M00-15)
Steph Robinson - 39:05 (634th Overall, 206th Female, 38th F40-49)
Bill Barclay - 46:02 (1219th Overall, 659th Male, 19th M60-69)

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Tuesday 13 February
Trentham 5km Series Race 3
Trentham Memorial Park

We had another great evening, with warm, still conditions. We had another good turnout of 77 runners and walkers, while numbers where slightly down, it was by no means a slow race, with 6 new course records.
In the 5km Run, Logan Slee flew around the course in 16:30 (new course record), followed by Josh Campbell in 18:35 and Jonah Seeds in 18:49. Hannah Molloy was 1st for the ladies in 21:40 (another new course record), followed by Rebecca Hewson (24:51) and Michelle Wos (25:12).

In the 2.5km for the gentlemen, Andy Legder was the fastest with 8:12 (CR), followed by Callum Wos (9:56) and Tom Poland (10:44). The ladies, Emily Barr was 1st in 11:08 (CR), Madison Wos in 11:27 and Katie Jordan in 11:33.

Over in the 5km Walk, Daniel Du Toit cruised to another new course record in 26:36, followed by Clive McGovern in 31:06 and John Ihaka in 39:09. The ladies walk it was a close finish between Nina and Bernita Bennet (46:58/46:59), followed by Anne Dry in 54:06. The 2.5km Walk only had 2 competitors this week, Sarah Du Toit in 18:59 (course record) and Mark McCaffery (36:15).

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Saturday 10 February
Tarawera Ultra
Tarawera, Rotorua

Michael Beaumont completed the 102km Ultra in 11:54:56, placing 32nd overall, 26th male and 2nd M40-49. Great job Michael!

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Saturday 10 February
Buller Marathon, Half Marathon

Couple of members did the trip down to Westport to do the Buller Half Marathon.
Half Marathon Run:
Chris Homan - 1:24:08, 9th overall, 4th M20-39.
David Hood - 1:3623, 50th overall, 9th M50-59.
Brett Wilby - 2:02:37, 253rd overall, 20th M60-69.

Half Marathon Walk:
Jon Roskvist - 2:57:05, 54th overall, 9th M50-59.

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Tuesday 30 January
Trentham 5km Series Race 2
Trentham Memorial Park

We had another great turnout of 85 participants at Race 2 of our Trentham 5km Series. It was a hot evening with temperatures in the high 20s/low 30s.

In the 5km Run, Brian Garmonsway blitzed the field in 16:47 to take the win (and set a new course record), Thomas Strawbirdge was 2nd in 17:58 followed by Logan Slee and Finlay Seeds in 17:59. In the ladies 5km Run, Hannah Molloy was first in 22:29, followed by Madison Wos in 25:28 and Steph Robinson in 28:51.

In the 2.5km Run for the gentlemen, Andrew Ledger was the fastest in 8:15 (also a new course record), the next four across the line were Tom Poland, Marco Coetzee, Christopher Coetzee and Max Poland (10:57-10:57). In the ladies race, Emily Barr just took the win (11:31) from Sophie Dawson (11:32), they were followed in by Michelle Wos with the third fastest time (11:49).

In the 5km Walk Women, Danielle McLean was first in 36:49, followed by Sonja McLean (38:19) and Tory Slee & Sandy Clarkson (51:50). In the Men, John Ihaka was first in 40:52, followed by Mark McCaffey (42:14) and Lance Hurly (45:14).

In the 2.5km Walk, Domonic Rogers was first in 20:59, followed by Veronica O'Grady (21:44) and McKenzie Robinson (27:35).

We hope to see everyone back again at Race 3 on Tuesday 13 February and we will try and organize some cooler temperatures!

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Saturday 27 January
Jumbo-Holdsworth Trail Race
Mt. Holdsworth, Tararuas, Wairarapa

Josh Campbell did the 24km event in the Holdsworth-Jumbo direction. Josh finished 7th overall in 3:18:16.

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Saturday 27 January
Tussock Traverse
Tongariro National Park

Paul Rogers and Dan Holmes did the 26km event. Dan finished 170th overall, 60th M23-39 in 3:21:43 and Paul finished 265th overall, 60th M40-49 in 3:48:04.

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20 - 27 January
Oceania Masters Championships

Three of our members participated in the Oceania Masters Champs in Dunedin.
10km Road Walk
Joseph Antcliff - 2nd (M50), 1:08:44
Clive McGovern - 1st (M65), 1:02:11
Jacqueline Wilson - 1st (W70), 1:04:57 (Oceania Championship Record)

5000m Race Walk (Track)
Joseph Antcliff - 2nd (M50), 34:15.05
Clive McGovern - 1st (M65), 31:16.80
Jacqueline Wilson - 1st (W70), 32:05.06

3000m Race Walk (Track)
Joseph Antcliff - 1st (M50), 19:46.00
Clive McGovern - 1st (M65), 17:34.77
Jacqueline Wilson - 1st (W70), 18:27.80 (NZ Record & Oceania Championship Record)

Tuesday 16 January
Trentham 5km Series Race 1
Trentham Memorial Park

We had a great turnout of 91 participants to the first race of our 2018 Trentham 5km Series. It was a sunny and hot evening. We have changed to a new course which stays inside the park and is slightly safer (and hopefully faster too).

In the 5km Run first across the line was Finlay Seeds in 17:14 (who also had the honour of posting the fastest time on our new course), followed by Thomas Strawbridge 17:33 and Jonah Seeds (18:45). In the ladies 5km Hannah Molloy was first in 22:48 followed by youngsters Madison Wos (23:36) and Katie Jordan (24:40).

In the 2.5km Run for the gentlemen Andrew Ledger was the fastest with 8:46 and Callum Wos second fastest in 10:13 followed by Oliver Bragh (11:22). For the ladies Sophie Dawson was first in 12:40, followed by Madison Robinson-Unuia (12:47) and Chelsea Bennett (14:05).

Over in the Walkers Division, in the 5km, Daniel Du Toit was first in 28:32, followed by John Ihaka (40:50) and Mark McCaffey (44:59). For the ladies it was Margaret Roberts first in 49:43, followed by Sonya Dearlove (49:46) and Sandy Clarkson (52:41). In the one-lapper (2.5km) walk, Sophia Pederson was first in 20:41, followed by Sarah Du Toit (21:34) and Christia Rogers (27:02).

We hope to see everyone back again on Tuesday 30th January at Race 2 (we'll try and organise some cooler weather).

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Saturday 13 January
Ian Priest Memorial Hutt River Trail Ultra, Marathon, Half Marathon & 10km
Hutt Valley

In the 60km Ultra Marathon event, Josh Campbell finished 3rd in 5h:29m:17s and Graham Wilson finished 14th (8h:29m:45s).
In the Half Marathon Walk, Anne Dry finished 2nd in 4:09:30.
In the 10km Run, Bill Barclay was 6th in 1:13:50.

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