2016 Results

Saturday 12 November
Rimutaka Rail Trail Run & Walk, 21km, 14km & 7km
Rimutaka Incline, Upper Hutt

It was raining an wet but luckily not too cold for this year's Rimutaka Rail Trail Run & Walk.
Thank you to everyone that participated and we hope to see you back again next year!

Also a big thank you to all our volunteers who helped out in the weather!

Individual and team results below.

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Results update v1.0.1 - 7km Walk start time corrected (7km walkers actual times ~2min faster now)
Results update v1.0.2 - Fixed typo error for numbers 834 & 843


Kereru Brewing The Chippery

26 October - 6 November
World Masters Championships
Perth, Australia

Club member Jackie Wilson participated in the 5km, 10km and 20km race walks:
2nd in W70 5000m Track Walk (31:43.37) - NZ/Wgtn record.
2nd in W70 10km Road Walk (1:04:36) - Team Gold medal.
2nd in W70 20km Road Walk (2:17:02) - NZ/Wgtn record + Team Gold medal.

Sunday 11 September
Pelorus Trust Half Marathon, 10km, 5km & Kids Km

Half Marathon Run - Male:
24th - Philip Secker - 1:33:00

Half Marathon Walk - Female:
1st - Jacqueline Wilson - 2:23:11
16th - Anne Dry - 4:02:45

10km Run - Female:
1st - Sarah Gardner - 38:58
8th - Belinda Walker - 48:22 (1st W50-59)
18th - Lisa Kynaston - 55:41

10km Walk - Male:
1st - Daniel Du Toit - 59:54
4th - Joseph Antcliff - 1:08:51 (2nd M50-59)
5th - Jon Roskvist - 1:13:44 (3rd M50-59)

5km Run - Male:
3rd - Josh Jordan - 19:46 (2nd 11-12 Boys)
50th - Bill Barclay - 56:53

5km Run - Female:
5th - Sarah Du Toit - 30:24 (1st 9-10 Girls)

Kids Km - Female:
4th - Katie Jordan - 4:39 (2nd 8 & Under Girls)

If I missed anyone please let me know.

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Saturday 10 September
Marton to Wanganui Relay

We had one running team (Trentham Terminators) and one walking team (Trentham Walkers) this year.
The Trentham Terminators placed 5th in 4:59:24, and the Trentham Walkers placed 3rd in 7:45:48.

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Saturday 3 September
New Zealand Road Championships, Masterton

Great efforts by our members in what was quite warm conditions.

Jacqueline Wilson - 1st MW70-74 10km Race Walk - 1:05:35 (Wellington Rep)
Sophie Dawson - 7th Women Under 18 5km - 20:48 (Wellington Rep - Team 1st)
Logan Slee - 8th Men Under 18 6km - 20:10 (Wellington Rep - Team 1st)
Finn Seeds - 1st Boys Under 15 3km - 9:41
Joshua Jordan - 7th Boys Under 13 2km - 7:23
Sarah Gardner - 7th Senior Women 10km - 38:35 (Wellington Rep - Team 1st)
Brian Garmonsway - 12th Senior Men 10km 35:56 (Wellington Rep - Team 2nd)

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Saturday 27 August
Mangaroa Circuit (Runners) and Valleys Relay (Walkers)
Lane Park, Wallaceville, UH

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Saturday 20 August
Wellington Road Championships, Wainuiomata

Girls Under 9 - 1km
3rd - Katie Jordan - 4:05
4th - Madison Wos - 4:09
7th - Chelsea Bennett - 4:56
8th - Piper Carlson-Smit - 5:11
9th - Ruby Flutey - 5:30
Team (K Jordan, M Wos, C Bennett, P Carlson-Smit) - 1st

Boys Under 9 - 1km
4th - John O'Grady - 4:06
5th - Taine Flutey - 4:07
6th - Elliot Barr - 4:09
11th - Joseph Du Toit - 5:15
Team (J O'Grady, T Flutey, E Barr, J Du Toit) - 1st

Girls Under 11 - 2km
11th - Sarah Du Toit - 9:28

Boys Under 11 - 2km
1st - Max Poland - 7:12
6th - Quentin Howsan - 7:53

Girls Under 13 - 2.5km
3rd - Katelyn Sceat - 9:42
5th - Emily Barr - 10:26
6th - Kiara Flutey - 10:42
10th - Autumn Bradley - 11:14
Team (K Sceats, E Barr, K Flutey, A Bradley) - 1st

Boys Under 13 - 2.5km
4th - Colton Foss - 8:59
5th - Josh Jordan - 9:02
6th - Christopher Coetzee - 9:02
8th - Max Young - 9:19
9th - Will Young - 9:26
12th - Marco Coetzee - 9:36
19th - Tom Poland - 10:33
23rd - Findlay Benge - 11:13
Team (C Foss, J Jordan, C Coetzee, M Young) - 1st

Boys Under 15 - 2.5km
1st - Finn Seeds - 7:49
6th - Daniel Du Toit - 8:53

Women Under 18 - 5km
3rd - Sophie Dawson - 19:30
8th - Madison Robinson - 23:39

Men Under 18 - 5km
4th - Logan Slee - 16:47
9th - Andrew Ledger - 17:48
10th - Thomas Strawbridge - 18:21
13th - Oliver Barrass - 19:18
Team (L Slee, A Legder, T Strawbridge, O Barrass) - 2nd

Men Under 20 - 7.5km
4th - Randall Tyler - 30:58

Senior Women - 10km
1st - Sarah Gardner - 38:35

Senior Men - 10km
5th - Brian Garmonsway - 32:37
19th - Mark Searle - 36:26
20th - Michael Du Toit - 36:31
33rd - Richard Samways - 43:14

Masters Men 40 - 10km 14th - Michael Beaumont - 37:53
24th - Philip Secker - 42:09

Masters Men 50 - 10km
13th - Stephen Mair - 41:28
31st - Terry Bedlington - 48:26

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Saturday 20 August
Wellington Road Walk Champs, Trentham

Daniel Du Toit won the 5km Championship Walk and Jackie Wilson won the Women's 10km Walk in 1:04:18 (a new MW70+ Wellington and NZ age group record).

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Saturday 13 August
Bays Relay, Wellington

In very enjoyable weather, which was rain and strong wind, our two teams did very well.

Our Senior Men team (M Du Toit, J Campbell, B Garmonsway, M Searle & C Homan) placed 4th, within 30 seconds of 2nd.
Our Masters Men 50+ also did well, placing 6th.

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Sunday 7 August
New Zealand & Oceania XC Championships
Auckland Domain, Auckland

Finn Seeds, Logan Slee, Brian Garmonsway and Michael Du Toit participated. Logan, Brian & Michael were also representing the Wellington Centre.

Finn Seeds won the Boys Under 15. Logan Slee placed 8th in the Men Under 18 and 2nd Wellington finisher, with the MU18 Wellington team placing 2nd in the Teams competition.
Brian Garmonsway placed 23rd in the Senior Men and 3rd Wellington finisher, with the SM Wellington team placing 3rd in the Teams competition.
Michael Du Toit placed 34th in the Senior Men.

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Saturday 6 August
Eric Putter Relay, Trentham Memorial Park

We had 12 teams this year.

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Saturday 30 July
Club Road Championships, Trentham

The weather wasn't the greatest, but we got through it all. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

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Sunday 24 July
Wellington XC Championships & Kids XC
Grenada North Park, Grenada North

Hills, mud, jumps and water made for an exciting course.
The Kids XC races for Year 0 - 8 doubled as the Wellington XC Championships for those grades.

Trentham Wellingon Champs results:
(Year 0 - 8 Placing is for the Wellington Champs results, not overall)
Year 0 Girls:
1st - Lily Jordan

Year 2 Girls:
1st - Madison Wos
2nd - Chelsea Bennett
4th - Ruby Flutey

Year 2 Boys:
4th - Finley Robinson

Year 3 Girls:
3rd - Katie Jordan

Year 3 Boys:
1st - John O'Grady

Year 4 Boys:
6th - Callum Wos
10th - Taine Flutey
15th - Elliot Barr

Year 5 Girls:
7th - Sarah Du Toit

Year 5 Boys:
8th - Jamie Campbell

Year 6 Boys:
1st - Joshua Jordan
5th - Marco Coetzee
6th - Max Poland

Year 7 Girls:
3rd - Katelyn Sceats
8th - Emily Barr
10th - Kiara Flutey

Year 7 Boys:
3rd - Colton Foss
4th - Max Young
5th - Christopher Coetzee
6th - Jonah Seeds

Year 8 Girls:
3rd - Maria Geoghegan

Year 8 Boys:
10th - Luke Te Moana

Women Under 18:
4th - Sophie Dawson
7th - Madison Robinson
8th - McKenzie Jacques

Boys Under 15:
1st - Finn Seeds
5th - Daniel Du Toit

Men Under 18:
1st - Logan Slee
11th - Andrew Ledger
12th - Oliver Barrass
13th - Thomas Strawbridge
14th - Bill Gray
17th - Harry Poland
Team - 2nd (37 points)

Men Under 20:
7th - Randall Tyler

Senior Men (Short Course Champs):
3rd - Mark Searle

Senior Men (Long Course Champs):
5th - Brian Garmonsway
8th - Michael Du Toit
30th - Mark Searle

Masters Men 40 (Long Course Champs):
4th - Joshua Campbell
20th - Philip Secker

Masters Men 50 (Long Course Champs):
11th - Stephen Mair

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Sunday 17 July
Masters 8km Road Race, Johnsonville

Run Results (8km)
Josh Campbell - 2nd overall, 1st Age Grade (MM40)
Stephen Mair - 7th overall, 1st Age Grade (MM50)

Walk Results (6.4km)
Jackie Wilson - 3rd overall, 1st Age Group (MW70)
Joseph Antcliff - 4th overall, 1st Age Grade (MM50)

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Saturday 9 July
Walker's Meet, McKays Crossing, Paekakarikie

5km Walk:
1st - Daniel Du Toit (28:35)
2nd - Jackie Wilson (32:16)
4th - Jon Roskvist (35:17)
7th - Jenny Lipross (39:24)

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Saturday 2 July
North Island XC Championships, Taupo

Wellington Centre Representatives:
Logan Slee (MU18) - 7th, 16:51 (5km), 2nd Wellington Member to finish
Kevin Thompson (MM50) - 7th, 24:14 (6km), 5th Wellington Member to finish

Club Members:
Finn Seeds (Boys 14) - 1st, 10:01 (3km)
Joshua Jordan (Boys 12) - 6th, 7:23 (2km)
Katie Jordan (Girls 10) - 13th, 4:51 (1km)

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Sunday 26 June
Wellington Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km, 5km & Kids Mile (inc Wellington Half Marathon Champs)

Weather wasn't the best ever.
Brian Garmonsway came 3rd overall but was the first Wellington runner to finish and won the Wellington Half Marathon Championships.
Jacqueline Wilson (10km Walk) was 4th overall, 2nd female and 1st F70-79, in a new F70-79 course record of 1:06:42.

Marathon Walk:
Jennifer Lippross - 6:11:07, 22nd overall (3rd in age Division F60-69)

Half Marathon Run:
Brian Garmonsway - 1:12:46, 3rd overall - Wellington Half Marathon Champion
Josh Campbell - 1:23:04, 22nd overall
Stephen Mair - 1:32:13, 97th overall
Philip Secker - 1:36:01, 135th overall
Richard Samways - 1:38:50, 177th overall
Brett Wilby - 1:52:45, 460th overall

Half Marathon Walk:
Valerie Buddle - 2:42:54, 25th overall (1st in Age Division F70-79)
Freda Edie - 2:58:11, 56th overall
Anne Dry - 4:01:25, 178th overall

10km Run: Katelyn Sceats - 45:23, 80th overall (3rd in Age Division F00-19)
Danielle McLean - 51:53, 214th overall

10km Walk:
Jacqueline Wilson - 1:06:42, 4th overall, 2nd female (1st in Age Division F70-79) - CR
Joseph Antcliff - 1:09:41, 7th overall (3rd in Age Division M50-59)
Jon Roskvist - 1:13:56, 9th overall

5km Run:
Josh Jordan - 20:28, 2nd overall (1st in Age Division M00-19)
Kiara Flutey - 25:57, 31st overall
Taine Flutey - 26:12, 32nd overall

5km Walk:
Bill Barclay - 1:16:34, 110th overall

Kids Mile:
Katie Jordan - 7:12, 20th overall
Ruby Flutey - 9:33, 117th overall

If I missed anyone please let me know.

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Saturday 25 June
Sanders & Gough XC, Sladden Park

Trentham won the Sanders Cup (SM & MM), Challenge Shield (U13), Walkers Cup (Walk) and Robbie Shield (U18).

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Saturday 18 June
New Zealand Secondary School XC Championships, Rotorua

Year 9 Boys (3km):
2nd - Finn Seeds (10:04)

Junior Girls (3km):
17th - Sophie Dawson (11:51)

Junior Boys (4km):
21st - Finn Molloy (14:05)
47th - Andrew Ledger (14:33)
62nd - Thomas Strawbridge (14:43)

Senior Girls (4km):
98th - Madison Robinson (18:37)

Senior Boys (6km):
23rd - Logan Slee (20:26)

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Saturday 11 June
Dorne Cup, Trentham Memorial Park

The creek was quite deep at the one end, which resulted in some spectacular falls and photos.
Trentham results:

Girls Under 9:
2nd - Katie Jordan
3rd - Madison Wos
6th - Savannah Allen
11th - Piper Carlson-Smit
13th - Chloe Bagnall
14th - Ruby Flutey
16th - Isla Teasdale
Girls Under 9 TEAM - 1st (22 points)

Boys Under 9:
3rd - Taine Flutey
4th - Elliot Barr
6th - John O'Grady
12th - Joseph Du Toit
16th - Casey Teasdale
Boys Under 9 TEAM - 2nd (25 points)

Boys Under 11:
2nd - Max Poland
4th - Quentin Howsan
9th - Lachlan Ross

Girls Under 13:
2nd - Katelyn Sceats
15th - Killarney Howsan
16th - Kiara Flutey
17th - Katie Lewis
18th - Emily Barr
20th - Autumn Bradley
Girls Under 13 TEAM - 3rd (50 points)

Boys Under 13: 5th - Max Young
6th - Josh Jordan
8th - Jonah Seeds
10th - Christopher Coetzee
13th - Colton Foss
16th - Harrison (Harry) Lamont
17th - Will Young
18th - Marco Coetzee
35th - Tom Poland
39th - Findlay Benge

Boys Under 15:
1st - Finn Seeds
5th - Daniel Du Toit
16th - Tristan Bagnall
19th - Luke Te Moana
Boys Under 15 TEAM - 3rd (41 points)

Women Under 18:
6th - Sophie Dawson
12th - Madison Robinson
14th - McKenzie Jacques

Men Under 18: 14th - Finn Molloy
16th - Logan Slee
21st - Thomas Strawbridge
22nd - Andrew Ledger
23rd - Harry Poland
24th - Bill Gray
Men Under 18 TEAM - 2nd (73 points)
Men Under 20:
7th - Jack Thompson
9th - Randall Tyler

Senior Women:
3rd - Sarah Gardner

Senior Men:
7th - Brian Garmonsway
13th - Michael Du Toit
30th - Mark Searle
32nd - Chris Homan
47th - Richard Samways

Masters Men 40+:
3rd - Josh Campbell
33rd - Darryl Robinson
40th - Philip Secker
41st - Matthew Poland
MM40 TEAM - 5th (117 points)

Masters Men 50+: 8th - Kevin Thompson
13th - Stephen Mair
40th - Brett Wilby

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Saturday 4 June
Novice & President Races, Trentham Memorial Park

We had fine weather and a deep creek crossing for this year's handicap races.

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Sunday 22 May
Masters Classic XC Relay, Trentham

Our Masters Men won the Open Masters race. Brian Garmonsway had the fastest time of the day.

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Saturday 21 May
Vossler Shield XC, Mt Victoria, Wellington

We had some good results.
Finn Seeds won the Boys Under 15, Max Poland 2nd & Quentin Howsan 3rd in the Boys Under 11 and Brian Garmonsway 3rd in the Senior Men.
In the teams competions Trentham won the Boys Under 11, placed 2nd in the Boys Under 13 and Girls Under 13 and 3rd in the Masters Men 50+.

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Sunday 15 May
Ekiden Walking Relay, Trentham

We had two walking teams this year. Trentham A (Jackie Wilson, Daniel Du Toit, Stephen Mair, Jon Roskvist, Stuart Hood & Clive McGovern) won the B-grade event.

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Sunday 15 May
Upper Valley Primary XC Champs, Harcourt Park

Lots of great efforts and results by our juniors. Our juniors went for trifectas in the Year 4 Boys and Year 6 Boys!

Year 3 & Below Girls:
3rd - Katie Jordan
4th - Maddy Wos
10th - Savannah Allen
47th - Piper Carlson-Smit
59th - Chloe Bagnall
70th - Ruby Flutey

Year 3 & Below Boys:
75th - Finley Robinson

Year 4 Boys:
1st - Callum Wos
2nd - Taine Flutey
3rd - Tom Walker
8th - Elliot Barr
58th - Max Symons

Year 5 Girls:
7th - Paige Garwood

Year 6 Girls:
1st - Autumn Bradley

Year 6 Boys:
1st - Josh Jordan
2nd - Max Poland
3rd - Harry Lamont
6th - Marco Coetzee
9th - Lachie Ross

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Sunday 15 May
Kids XC Series #1, Karori

A couple of members participated. Click here for full results

Saturday 14 May
Ultra-Australia 100km, Australia

Michael Beaumont completed the 100km race in 13h:01m:37s (80th overall, 24th M40-49), the race included 4497m of elevation gain!
Great job Michael!

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Saturday 7 May
University Relay, McKays Crossing, Queen Elizabeth Park

Great efforts by everyone, lots of great results.

9 and Under resuts (~1.2km):
Tom Walker - 9th overall, 4:55
Taine Flutey - 10th overall, 5:02
Madison Wos - 27th overall, 5:47
Joseph Du Toit - 37th overall, 6:42
Ruby Flutey - 44th overall, 7:23
Lily Jordan - 48th overall, 7:42
Ava Gardner - 56th overall, 10:33

11 and Under results (~2km):
Joshua Jordan - 1st overall, 1st Boy, 7:43
Max Poland - 2nd overall, 2nd Boy, 7:57
Katelyn Sceats - 9th overall, 8:30
Quentin Howsan - 11th overall, 8:34
Autumn Bradley - 26th overall, 9:37
Emily Barr - 27th overall, 9:43
Sarah Du Toit - 48th overall, 12:02

13 and Under results (~2km):
Daniel du Toit - 4th overall, 7:48
Colton Foss - 8th overall, 8:02
Christopher Coetzee - 10th overall, 8:10
Tristan Bagnall - 12th overall, 8:16
Marco Coetzee - 14th overall, 8:20
Kiara Flutey - 22nd overall, 9:22
Killarney Howsan - 24th overall, 9:27
Tom Poland - 27th overall, 9:47
Huw Mair - 28th overall, 9:53

Relay results:
Junior (U20) Men:

2nd - TU4 (Logan Slee, Finn Molloy, Finn Seeds, Andrew Ledger) - 58:57
6th - TU5 (Harry Poland, Bill Gray, Thomas Strawbridge, Randall Tyler) - 66:37
9th - TU6 (Jack Thompson, Christopher Coetzee, Daniel Du Toit, Josh Jordan) - 69:31

Senior/Open Men:
5th - TU3 (Michael Du Toit, Oliver Barrass, Brian Garmonsway, Mark Searle) - 58:38

Senior/Open Women:
4th - TU2 (Sarah Gardner, Sophie Dawson, Maddie Robinson, Grace Barr) - 71:21

Masters Men 40+
8th - TU12 (Darryl Robinson, Andrew Smith, Matt Poland, Brett Wilby) - 76:21

Masters Men 50+
4th - TU1 (Stephen Mair, Kevin Thompson, Terry Bedlington, David Hood) - 68:02

9 & Under results
11 & Under results
13 & Under results
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Saturday 7 May
Chocolate Walk, McKays Crossing, Queen Elizabeth Park

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Saturday 30 April
Wellington Mountain Running Champs, Wainuiomata

Philip Secker came 4th in the MM40-49 in 1:05:56 (10.5km).
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Saturday 30 April
Club XC Championships, Trentham Memorial Park

Weather was fine for our Club XC Championships. Thank you to everyone that helped out.
The Ladders have been started...

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Saturday 30 April
Rotorua Marathon, Rotorua

Marathon Run:
Richard Samways - 3:58:30, 277th overall

Half Marathon Run:
Anne Dry - 4:02:43, 255th overall

5.5km Fun Run & Walk:
Bill Barclay - 1:15:29, 168th overall

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Sunday 24 April
London Marathon, London, UK

Jacqueline Wilson participated in the World Marathon Majors London Marathon in London.
Jackie did 5:21:46 and finished 32563rd overall, 11161st women and 19th in the Women 70+ (note there is no walkers category, these numbers include runners)! Well done Jackie!

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Saturday 23 April
Shaw Baton Relay, Battle Hill Farm Forest Park

Some great efforts all round by everyone. Weather was a bit different than usual with a light rain a few times and slight wind.
The course was a bit different (and harder) from previous years due to improvements on the farm. We had 12 teams this year.

In the Under 10 race, Callum Wos was 2nd and Quentin Howsan 3rd in the Boys and Madison Wos was 3rd in the Girls.

Team Placings
Senior Women:
4th - TU10 (Sarah Gardner, McKenzie Jacques, Madison Robinson & Sophie Dawson).

Masters Women:
7th - TU2 (Kim Goodwin, Wendy Grocott, Suzanne van der Jagt & Belinda Walker).

Under 14 Boys:
2nd - TU5 (Daniel du Toit, Christopher Coetzee, Finn Seeds & Tristan Bagnall).
8th - TU7 (Tom Poland, Colton Foss, Findlay Benge & Callum Wos).

Under 14 Girls:
4th - TU6 (Kiara Flutey, Maria Geoghegan, Grace Barr & Killarney Howsan).

Under 12 Boys:
2nd - TU8 (Josh Jordan, Jonah Seeds, Marco Coetzee, Max Polad).

Under 12 Girls:
1st - TU9 (Katelyn Sceats, Autumn Bradley, Emily Barr, Sarah Du Toit).

Senior Men:
3rd - TU12 (Michael Du Toit, Brian Garmonsway, Josh Campbell, Mark Searle, Michael Beaumont & Chris Homan).

Junior Men:
2nd - TU3 (Logan Slee, Finn Molloy, Thomas Strawbridge, Ollie Barrass, Bill Gray & Andrew Ledger).
6th - TU4 (Jack Thompson, Randall Tyler, William Adams, Nikolai Allen, Jack & Harry Poland).

Masters Men (40+):
6th - TU13 (Andrew Smith, Darryl Robinson, Paul Carlson, Philip Secker, Edward Jordan & Randall).

Masters Men 50+:
4th - TU1 (Kevin Thompson, Stephen Mair, David Hood, Terry Bedlington, Brett Wilby & Kevin).

Sarah Gardner, Finn Seeds & Katelyn Sceats had the fastest times in their grades.

Cick here for Under 10 results
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Saturday 9 April
Great Forest Marathon, Half Marathon, 10km & 5km, Waitarere

Spotted a couple of members in the results, if you participated please let me know.
21km Walk:
Anne Dry - 4:10:07, 143rd overall, 99th female.

10km Run:
Joshua Jordan - 42:07, 13th overall, 11th male.

5km Run:
Katie Jordan - 33:30, 188th overall, 89th female.
Edward Jordan - 33:35, 192nd overall, 102nd male.

5km Walk:
Bill Barclay - 1:10:30, 451st overall, 138th male.

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Tuesday 29 March
Trentham 5km Series Race 6/6, Trentham Memorial Park

70 runners and walkers participated in the 6th and final race. Thank you to everyone that participated in the Series.
Also, thank you to everyone that helped out at the events.

We have our Open Days on Saturday 2nd & 9th April and would like to invite everyone to them, come down and have a look at what we are about.

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Sunday 20 March
Round the Vines, Martinborouhgh

There was a great turnout of members for the 21st Round the Vines 10km & Half Marathon. We had some great results with the first four 10km runners to finish being members or friends of the group. Lots of top 10 placings.

Club member & friends Top 10 results:
10km Run - Men:
1st - Michael Du Toit
2nd - Oliver Barrass
3rd - Bill Gray
7th - Finn Molloy

10km Walk - Men:
1st - Joseph Antcliff

10km Walk - Women:
10th - Sonja McLean

10km Run - Kids:
1st - Thomas Strawbridge
2nd - Josh Jordan

21km Run - Men:
3rd - Chris Homan
7th - Stephen Mair
8th - David Hood

Other members that also participated:
Terry Bedlington (21km), Brett Wilby (21km), Anne Dry (21km Walk), Stuart Hood (10km), Darryl Robinson (10km).

Group photo:

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Saturday 19 March
Taihape Half Marathon, Taihape

Brian Garmonsway won the Half Marathon in 1:16:05.
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Tuesday 15 March
Trentham 5km Series Race 5/6, Trentham Memorial Park

68 runners and walkers participated in the slightly damp race 5 of our 5km Series. We hope to see you all back again in two weeks at the last race of the series!

If you have any inquiries about the results, feel free to email them to:

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Sunday 13 March
Hutt News 10km & 5km Run & Walk, Lower Hutt

Sarah Gardner placed 6th overall, 1st female in the 10km Run in 37:57.
Anne Dry placed 36th overall in the 10km Walk in 1:45:26.
Joshua Jordan placed 1st overall in the 5km Run in 21:38
Katie Jordan placed 3rd overall, 1st female in the 1km Run in 4:21.

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Saturday 5 March
Mountain to Surf Marathon, Waitara

Josh Campbell placed 10th in 2:52:42 in the Marathon Run

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Saturday 5 March
Ironman New Zealand, Taupo

Kevin Thompson participated in the full Ironman event (3.4km swim, 180km bike, 42.2km Run). Kevin placed 316th overall, 23rd in division (M50-54) in a total time of 11h:11m:32s.

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Tuesday 1 March
Trentham 5km Series Race 4/6, Trentham Memorial Park

80 runners and walkers participated in the cool race 4 of our 5km series. See you all again in two weeks at race 5!

If you have any inquiries about the results, feel free to email them to:

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27-28 February
New Zealand Masters Track & Field Championships, Dunedin

Jacqueline Wilson participated in the Championships. Jacqueline did the MW70 10km Road Walk in 1:05:40, setting a new NZ Masters, Wellington Masters and Championships record! The previous record having stood since 1987!

Well done Jackie!

Monday 22 February 2016
Trentham United Harriers & Walkers AGM
Clubrooms, Trentham Memorial Park

Thank you to everyone that attended our AGM.
Your 2016 Executive Committee is:
President: Viv Antcliff
Vice President: Phillip du Toit
Club Captain: Stephen Mair
Treasurer: Lou Gilmer
Administration Manager: Joe Antcliff
Communications Manager: Michael du Toit

Sunday 20 February
Round the Bays, Wellington

Half Marathon:
Stephen Mair placed 47th overall and 2nd M50-59 in 1:29:26.
Richard Samways placed 298th overall in 1:43:48.
Anne Dry placed 1551th in 4:04:22.

Brett Wilby placed 427th in 51:08.

Thomas Strawbridge placed 19th overall in 24:45.
Joseph Antcliff placed 2304th overall in 49:28.
Bill Barclay 6476th in 1:30:29.

If anyone else participated please let me know and I will add you to our results.

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Tuesday 16 February
Trentham 5km Series Race 3/6, Trentham Memorial Park

82 runners and walkers particpated in race 3 of our 5km series.See you all again at Race 4!

If you have any inquiries about the results, feel free to email them to:

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Saturday 13 February
Buller Gorge Marathon & Half Marathon

Four members made the trip down to Wesport to participate in the Buller Gorge Marathon & Half Marathon in Westport. Results below:
Half Marathon Run:
David Hood - 1:34:53, 49th overall
Brett Wilby - 1:52:37, 218th overall

Half Marathon Walk:
Jon Roskvist - 2:48:23, 25th overall

Full Marathon Run:
Chris Homan - 3:11:25, 8th overall

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Tuesday 2 February
Trentham 5km Series Race 2/6, Trentham Memorial Park

87 runners and walkers participated in race 2 of our 5km series. See you all again at race 3!

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Friday 22 January
Capital Classic, Newtown Park

Club member Jacqueline Wilson celebrated her birthday with not only a Wellington Masters Record but also a New Zealand Masters Record.

Jackie participated in the 3000m Track Walk and placed 5th overall, 1st in her new age group.
Jackie did the 3000m walk in 18:54.83, a New Zealand and Wellington Masters record.

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Tuesday 19 January
Trentham 5km Series Race 1/6, Trentham Memorial Park

62 keen runners and walkers participated in our cloudy opener to the series. See you all again in two weeks at race 2!

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